Is A Group Plan Right For You?

Some insurers offer group plans (generally for groups of 10 travelers or more) that sometimes can mean a savings. Depending on the plan much of the savings (if any) can be due to non-age based pricing. For example, here's the pricing grid for a Travel Insured International group plan offered through If you're over 60 or so the savings is good compared to most plans. If you're over 70 or so the savings is huge. But if you're under 60 there's probably no savings at all. Other group plans do include the travelers' ages in figuring the premiums so they're more likely to be closer to what you'd pay on an individual basis.

It never hurts to check on these plans if you do have a group of 10 or more. TravelInsuranceCenter has an online custom quote form you can submit and it just takes a couple of minutes to fill out

If considering a group plan be sure that the plan benefits are adequate -- many have reduced coverages for medical and emergency evacuation coverages. And be aware that there can be more hoops to jump through in setting up the group and submitting payment compared to individual policies. .

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